This project involved the total redesign and remodelling of a standard semi-detached house, and in doing this, we have transformed a house (which had little to distinguish it from countless other houses of this genre), into a decidedly modern and open plan property, which responds to the aspirations and requirements of today’s client.

The project involved all three floors of the house, including new bedrooms and a bathroom in the loft space, a comprehensive re-planning of the first-floor bedrooms and bathrooms and a major re-structuring of the ground floor areas. On the ground floor where all the significant changes took place, we have built a full width rear extension, plus two extensions to the side of the property. Resulting from this is a spacious free-flowing space offering dynamic vistas from one area of the house to another.

One of the most striking features of this house is that we decided to place the kitchen slap bang in the middle of the house, so when working in the kitchen one has views through the house and beyond is a clear 180-degree arc, going from virtually due east to due west. The kitchen thus becomes the focal point of the house and is very much the main event, with a spectacular concrete island unit taking centre stage!

Concrete is a theme in the house, and to reinforce the open plan nature of the property, we have used polished concrete floors throughout to unify all the various zones and to create a genuine homogeneity to the fabric of the house.

It is very much a family house and has been designed to meets the needs of all. Visitors to the house are immediately struck by the special qualities and the pared down palette of materials and the amount of light permeating the place.